Zambia's tourism industry realigns for long-term expansion in 2023

Tourism is a leading economic industry that generates revenue, jobs, and tax revenue. It has long been a key component of Zambia's economic growth plan, especially in light of the government's growing desire to boost tourism to the highest levels.

As international travel has continued over the past two years, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Zambia's tourism industry, leading to the closure of numerous businesses and their subsequent disappearance, damaging any potential economic recovery.

The Marketing Plan for Destination Zambia, a project of the Zambia Tourism Agency, will be implemented in 2023 and is intended to provide integrated and comprehensive strategies to promote and improve demand for the nation's tourism through increasing arrivals. It outlines the broad outlook and perspectives for the whole marketing program for travel and tourism in Zambia, as well as the tactics and priorities to create a popular and sustainable travel destination.

The organization is confident about continued expansion, which will be fueled by increased budgetary assistance from the government for marketing operations, visa waivers for particular source countries, and rising consumer confidence in the visitor attractions.

Due to the multiplier effects of tourism, it is anticipated that the projections would help create jobs for people who are responsible for safeguarding the nation's tourism resources. Additionally, the tourism industry's supply chain, which includes the transportation, aviation, food, lodging, and other industries, will experience increased economic activity. According to forecasts, Zambia's tourist sector will reinforce its foundation and raise its standards in order to recover and grow further in 2023.

Tourists fly over the Victoria Falls on the trikes in Zambia

Tourists fly over the Victoria Falls on the trikes in Zambia