Government News

    1 . Zambia's tourism industry realigns for long-term expansion in 2023

    Tourism is a leading economic industry that generates revenue, jobs, and tax revenue.
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    2 . Zambia Eliminates Entry Requirements For Foreigner Visitors

    Zambia is home to the world-renowned Victoria Falls, as well as rich wildlife, diverse scenery, distinct culture and national history, adventure activities, and more.
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    3 . Zambia Expands The List Of Visa-Free Visitors For Tourism And Business

    The Zambian Immigration Department has agreed to expand the visa-exempt nationals for visitors who intend to visit Zambia for tourist and business purposes.
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    4 . Zambia opened an electronic visa application facility

    Zambia is known as one of the safest places in the world to travel, and its kind people live in peace and harmony.
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