Digital Services Act (DSA)

We recognize the importance of providing users of our platform with easy access to information regarding the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) and our obligations under it. This page covers the areas of Points of Contact, Illegal Content Reporting, and Transparency Reporting related to our obligations under the DSA.

Designated Point of Contact

Following DSA, the designated point of contact for general notifications under this regulation is as follows contact form or email [email protected].

Through the point of contact referred to above, both the Authorities of the Member States, the European Commission, the European Digital Services Board, and any user recipient of our services may contact us.

The language in which communications can be made will be English, however, if it is made in another language, we will try to respond whenever possible, otherwise by default, we will respond in English.

Reporting of Illegal Content

Following DSA, governmental representatives, trusted reporters, as well as any user recipient of the services, can use the following form to notify us of illegal content.

In the form, please select the category "Flagging ​Unsuitable Content" and tell us the reasons for which content is reported, such as out-to-date content, to give an example. It also provides the URL where the specific content is located so that it can be easily identified. Finally, please add details about the reasons and evidence that show the illegality of the content. This information will be useful to analyze the case and make an appropriate decision. If the information provided is insufficient, the report will be denied.

The content report can be anonymous or it is possible to include an email address. In the case of including an email address, we will acknowledge receipt of the notification and subsequently update you with the decision that is taken regarding the notification whenever it is permitted by law.

Transparency Reports

We will prepare, at least once a year, a transparency report to comply with our DSA obligations. This report will provide insights into the content moderation activities that we engaged in during the reporting period, including the volume and nature of content removed from our platform and removal requests received from public authorities and users.